Laser Therapy Heals Chronic Symptoms

Safely & Naturally Improve the Level of Your Well-Being

bright-blue-ibw-logo Alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain, migraines, allergies, inflammation, chronic illness, asthma, fatigue, and much more.

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Illuminant Being & Wellness – Holistic Doctors Long Island – all-natural treatment options to reduce the symptoms of many chronic conditions.

Laser light therapy is non-invasive, powerful and promotes natural healing that can help with the symptoms of:

What makes Illuminant Being & Wellness a great choice in alternative medicine?

Stimulate your body to balance and heal itself


Our authentic cold laser therapy technique is the catalyst that gets your own body to repair its damage. Your body’s damage can be from toxins in the environment, mental/emotional stress, and/or hereditary conditions.

See results in as little as three to five visits


In most cases, our first and foremost treatment is usually aimed at inflammation. Since a large portion of dis-ease and dis-comfort is rooted in inflammation, cold laser therapy with Holistic Doctors Long Island usually means you’ll get relief in just a few visits.

Work with a medical doctor that knows pathology


You will be working with a licensed medical doctor in an alternative healing setting. Dr. Candice J. Perkins has years of experience and understands the science of pathology. Her professional knowledge will help you feel at ease with cold laser therapy.

Our goal is to help you achieve better health and symptom elimination through holistic medicine

Bring Your Body Back into Balance!

We hear people coming into our Holistic Doctors Long Island office on a daily basis with many common symptoms. Medical symptoms such as:
sensitivities to foods, depression, chronic fatigue, headaches, pain, weight gain and frequent illness.

Clearly it is hard to enjoy yourself when you suffer from these symptoms on an ongoing basis. Well get off that sinking boat! You’ve come to the right place for Holistic Doctors Long Island. Start your journey to feeling good!

Are you experiencing…

  • Headaches?
  • Allergies?
  • Digestive Issues?
  • Fatigue?
  • Pain?
  • Skin Problems?
  • Stiffness?
  • Frequent Illness?
  • And More…

How Does It Work?

We use a Low Level Laser Therapy Device that is designed to emit an optimal wavelength in addition to being the perfect density to stimulate your natural healing process. An authentic low level laser will not produce a significant amount of heat. The goal in our practice is to give your cells the greatest ability to safely respond to the therapy and begin healing from within. Regardless of your symptoms or disease, our Low Level Laser Therapy will not harm you. Our device delivers what is called a “physiological dose” of therapy. This is considered safe no matter what the condition or pathology, and even if you’re on medication.

Ready to Feel Better? Let’s work together 
Happy Customers.
I’ve known Candice (Dr. Perkins) for about 7yrs through our Martial Arts training. Her motivation, self-assurance and perseverance is inspiring to me, other women and fellow students. Her patience and knowledge in her teachings are always consistent. I took my son to her for some medical issues and she was informative, caring and made him feel like there was a light at the end of his suffering. I was also treated for my shoulder and called her on my way home to say that i couldn’t believe the pain I had for a year just vanished!! I was excited and shocked but she wasn’t. She was confident in her work. I will continue to guide people to her for help and look forward to continuing our training together.
L. Cerbone

St. James, New York

I first went to see Dr. Perkins for cold laser treatment with my Mom who was suffering from excruciating headaches. My mom had been to several doctors and tried different medications with no relief. Needless to say we were desperate and after one treatment my mom noticed improvement and after a few treatments the headaches were completely gone! I was skeptical at first but after seeing how it helped my Mom I myself went for treatment for fatigue and I was amazed at how energized I felt the next day. I have become a firm believer in the benefits of cold laser treatments and I highly recommend Dr. Perkins.
Pat Erath

Westbury, New York

I took my daughter to Dr. Perkins because of digestive issues she has been having. The laser treatments have helped my daughter quickly and tremendously. She experienced relief after the first session so I decided to try it for my sinuses. After about two treatments, my sinuses felt open, more clear and the pressure went away. Dr. Perkins explained everything to me in an easy to understand manner before she did any treatments on me or my daughter. Not only were the treatments successful, but Dr. Perkins is very knowledgeable in this field and is a kind and caring professional. I highly recommend cold laser treatments with Dr. Perkins.

Levittown, NY

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