About Dr. Candice Perkins and the Background of Illuminant Being & Wellness

candice-perkins-head-shotI’m Dr. Candice Perkins and as the founder of Illuminant Being & Wellness, I am delighted to welcome you to this page.

Dr. Candice Perkins is a Board-Certified Neurologist with additional sub-specialty Board Certification in Vascular Neurology (stroke and cerebral vascular diseases). My story is not unlike that of many other physicians, nurses and other healthcare practitioners: I wanted to find a way to practice medicine using an approach that is most conducive to patient healing.

I did my undergraduate work at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, graduating in 1990 Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, with Academic Excellence in Biology. During this period of my study, I also did volunteer work at the Middle Earth Crisis Intervention Hotline as a Certified Crisis Counselor. What did I learn during this period of my life? Two important things: I learned to appreciate the awe-inspiring biodiversity of life on this planet. I also learned that what people in crisis need most of all is to be listened to.

The next period of my life was focused on medical training. I went to Cornell University Medical College, Class of 1994. After graduation, I started my internship in Internal Medicine at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. I then did a three-year residency in Neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, followed by a two-year fellowship in Stroke/Vascular Neurology at Stony Brook University Medical Center. During this time my husband Edward and I were blessed with two beautiful children: a girl, Valerie, and a boy, Kristian.

After I completed my training, I became an Attending Neurologist at Stony Brook University Medical Center, and I spent ten years as Director of the Stony Brook Stroke Program. I have felt grateful to be a part of the research and implementation of new and evolving treatments for stroke. When I first began to practice Stroke Neurology in the year 2000, stroke was the third leading cause of death in the United States. But now, thanks to many advances in the field of Stroke Neurology (both in the realm of prevention and acute treatment) stroke has dropped to the fifth leading cause of death in the United States.

It has been a privilege to be able to take care of thousands of patients over the past two decades.

During my career, I have published articles and abstracts in medical journals, and I have been invited to present an abstract at the Annual Meeting of the American Heart Association and to speak at the 51st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine, the Long Island Geriatric Education Center, and Winthrop University Hospital’s Ninth Annual Stroke and Critical Care Symposium.

I left Stony Brook in August, 2016 to follow a new path, and I am very excited. I am spending about one week per month as a travelling doctor, going to places in the country which are under-served by neurologists (this is called locum tenens). This experience is very rewarding to me.

I have also been inspired to serve my home community in another way by establishing a brand-new wellness practice dedicated to individual patient healing: Illuminant Being and Wellness. In this practice, based in Huntington, Long Island, our focus is on healing and every patient being heard. My goal is to honor the many principles I have learned; these principles will give patients the best and most comprehensive health-care possible. Please read Our Services page for more details about IBW.

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My Journey to Founding Illuminant Being and Wellness

by Dr. Candice Perkins

I feel privileged to share with you my journey that led to the establishment of my new medical practical, Illuminant Being and Wellness.

During my training to be a physician, studying medicine was always about the exploration of our own Being. When people ask me why I became a neurologist I often refer them to the famous painting by artist Paul Gaugin: “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?”. If you look at this work of art, you’ll see it poses so many more questions than the title delineates. I learned that each encounter I had patients was an opportunity to gain perspective into their own individual sense of self, and to help them explore some of the fundamental questions they were asking during their own healing process. I found that disease affects each person differently; and we all need to heal in ways that are unique and meaningful to ourselves.

During my undergraduate training, I also volunteered for a Middle Earth Crisis Intervention Hotline. As a Certified Crisis Counselor, I discovered two important things: I learned to appreciate the awe-inspiring biodiversity of life on this planet. I also learned that what people in crisis need most of all is to be listened to.


Pictured from left to right: Nidan (second degree) Sensei Lisa Cerbone; Shodan (first degree) Sensei Candice Perkins; O’Sensei Joseph Puleio, Ninth Degree Black Belt and Professor and Master of  American Jiu Jitsu and owner of American Jiu Jitsu Centers; and Sandan (third degree) Sensei James Weir.

After I completed my training, I began to practice medicine. I have felt grateful to be a part of the research and implementation of new and evolving neurological treatments for acute stroke patients. Over the last decade, I pursued other disciplines as well. For instance, I studied at the American Jiu Jitsu Centers under O’Sensei Joseph B. Puleio, Professor of American Jiu Jitsu and 9th Degree Black Belt. I am now a Shodan (first degree) Black Belt; and I am training for my second degree (Nidan Black Belt). What have I learned during my training in Jiu Jitsu under O’Sensei and so many other sensei at this dojo? That everything is possible when the Mind and Body are built as One. Training in AJJC has provided me with the gift of endless exploration into what is possible when energy is harnessed and redirected. I have learned to develop clarity and focus, and these insights have been invaluable to me in my life and in my medical practice.

In addition, I have studied with Master Spiritual Teacher, Gregory Drambour, founder of Sedona Sacred Journeys. With him, I learned that when you are on the pathway to Innate Wisdom, then inspiration is not met with resistance, but action. To quote his mantra: “If you honor others, they will honor you.”

The lessons I learned from medicine, jujitsu, and spiritual exploration have led me to follow a whole new path and take my medical practice in a different direction. I am very excited to announce the founding of Illuminant Being and Wellness, a practice in North Suffolk, Long Island, dedicated to helping patients explore their own innate healing modalities. I feel that all the principles I learned over the different stages of my life have come together in a deeply integrated and holistic way with this practice. If you feel your health needs have not been fully met and you are looking for a physician who can combine her expertise and experience in the field with innovative healing practices, please contact me.

I’m interested in speaking with you, listening to you, and helping you tap into your own body’s innate healing processes.

In addition, at IBW I will dedicate one session every month to help Wounded Warriors — Policemen, Firemen, Military Personnel – who have put their lives on the line to protect the safety and well-being of the people of this country. Any Warrior who has sustained an injury while serving others may be seen and treated by Dr. Candice Perkins during this session for free.

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