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Laser Therapy in a Holistic Setting with Dr. Candice J. Perkins

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After a cervical fusion on my neck, I still continued to have pain. I consulted Dr. Candice Perkins, who performed a laser treatment to that area. I was amazed, because the treatment took the pain away for several months. I wanted to continue with further treatments to prevent the pain from returning. Also, i suffer from degenerative back disease. I asked Dr. Perkins if she can treat my back too. I received another treatment to both areas and noticed that the severity of my pain improved. I’ve tried many methods to relieve the pain, but nothing seemed to work as good as the laser. I would highly recommend laser treatment with Dr. Perkins.

G. Mollinelli

Ronkonkoma, New York

Getting older hasn’t been easy and my posture, sleep positions, and lack of core exercising has dramatically affected me over the years. Enter Dr. Perkins and my life changed! She helped me understand how my sciatica and vegas nerves were giving me a problem, and taught me a lot about taking care of my aging body. The LLLT treatments worked immediately. I saw an instant shift in my poor sleep habits, and how I carried my body. She suggested I learn some exercises to strengthen my core and voila! I don’t get the severe pain I used to get trying to get out of bed, or if I accidentally move the wrong way. I have more confidence about the future and that I can fix these issues before they get worse. I recommend Dr. Perkins wholeheartedly.


Nassau County, New York

Thank you so much Dr. Perkins. I felt soooooo much better last night after my laser treatment. The inflammation and swelling in my hands and feet went down immensely. I was able to wear rings on my fingers, which I couldn’t do for at least a decade. I felt like i got my hands back. Thank you!

B. Kruk

Long Island, New York

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